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march 2018

According to a study commissioned by the Pierce County Council, 19% of people in the county are suffering from some kind of mental illness.

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march 2018

Dammeier pointed out that last year the same 22 people with behavioral health needs made more than 100 calls per month to 911. "Once we started the MCIRT, these calls dropped to about 40 a month - a 60% reduction," Dammeier said. "This represents a massive savings of time for our first responders and more appropriate care for the callers."

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march 2018

Genoa Pharmacy grand opening at our downtown Tacoma location!

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January 2018

We would like to spotlight a partner of ours, Comprehensive Life Resources. They are committed to a holistic approach and philosophy that considers and embraces the whole person.

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December 2017

Scattered across Pierce County, and every corner of America, are people who fall through safety nets for the elderly, disabled, and those suffering from mental illness.

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December 2017

Thank you to our friends at TPU! We are forever grateful for your kindness and generosity.



November 2017

The Tacoma Gang Reduction Project has undergone a transformation - including a new name, an expanded model, and an increase in community engagement.

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October 2017

The Mobile Community Intervention Response Team works to connect people with mental health services.

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september 2017

With so much data, CLR can analyze it to find trends and patterns in where homeless activity takes place, how homelessness changes during different seasons, and how demographics factor in.

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October 2015

The program has reached out to over 1,000 businesses since it began.

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