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In 2017, R.A.I.N. (Rising Above the INfluence) was established through Comprehensive Life Resources as part of the City of Tacoma's initiative to reduce and prevent gang violence in the community. The program aims to target youth and young adults that are at-risk or affected by gang influence. The mission is to help clients and their families overcome hardships by providing support and connecting them with the resources they need. R.A.I.N. offers case management, peer mentorship, school assistance, internship opportunities, skills training, substance abuse help, mental health services, family support, and connections to services provided by our Multidisciplinary Intervention Team.


supported employment

CLR partners with several community vocational services to help individuals find the right job for their skills, strengths and interests, and dreams. We recognize that, for many if not most people, quality of life and self-worth mean exercising one’s ability and the choice to be productive, to earn a paycheck, and to feel the joy of making a contribution. We are a contracted Community Rehabilitation Program that can work with any person involved with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. 

We offer support with volunteering, employment, and education. Our supported employment services are available for anyone, regardless of insurance. We also provide supported internships for clients and our community partners. Access information and the application for the internships below.


peer support

Peer Supporters and Family Advocates are individuals or family members of persons in recovery who have chosen to work with others living with behavioral health conditions. We offer support, hope, advocacy, and role modeling utilizing our unique strengths and perspectives gained through our own journeys in recovery.

Peer Support and Family Advocacy is available in every program  and location at CLR. Peers offer groups, as well as individual support, to assist individuals to achieve their identified recovery goals and to develop skills for greater self-efficacy and wellness.



mobile integrated health clinic

The Mobile Integrated Health Clinic (MIHC) is available to consumers through our partnership with Good Samaritan Behavioral Health and OptumHealth to make healthcare services more accessible to consumers who need them. The mobile clinic travels to our downtown facility at Tacoma Avenue allowing for seamless coordination of behavioral and physical healthcare services.


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